The impact of computer-mediated immediate feedback on developing oral presentation skills

Authors Stan van Ginkel , Dominic Ruiz , Asko Mononen , Cendel Karaman , Ander de Keijzer , Jirarat Sitthiworachart
Published in Journal of computer assisted learning
Publication date 5 January 2020
Research groups Digital Ethics
Type Article


From the article: "AbstractFeedback plays a central role in learning. Crucial to this is the nature and timing ofthe feedback. This experimental study explores the efficacy of immediate computer-mediated feedback within a virtual reality environment designed to facilitate thedevelopment of pre-university students' presentation skills. Two conditions wereestablished to assess the efficacy: immediate computer-mediated feedback; a controlcondition of delayed expert-mediated feedback. Results showed improvement butno statistically relevant difference in performance gains between the two conditions,suggesting both can facilitate learning. Furthermore, students perceived the environ-ment to be an effective and motivating platform in which to practise presentationskills. For educators seeking viable alternatives to face-to-face presentation practiceand feedback, the finding that immediate computer-mediated feedback is potentiallyas effective in aiding presentation performance is crucial for two reasons: first, itexpands practice opportunities for students; second, it could result in less pressureon resources, including time and staffing."

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Language English
Published in Journal of computer assisted learning
Year and volume 2020 1 - 11
Key words presentation skills, secondary education, timing of feedback, virtual reality
Digital Object Identifier 10.1111/jcal.12424

Stan van Ginkel