The tuition pentagon : students choose an option which matches their motivation, competence and ambition

Authors Michiel van der Ven, Martin de Boer, Jonathan Marty
Published in Journal of the European honours concil
Publication date 1 January 2017
Research groups Marketing & Customer Experience
Type Article


In redesigning its curriculum and learning environment, the HU Business School focuses on improving student engagement. In its turn, this should improve the academic success rates. Moreover, challenging honours students in regular courses is also an aim of the redesign. With this in mind, we developed a pilot course in which students are offered five different options of coaching and tuition from the lecturer. This approach was called “The tuition Pentagon”. The five options are designed to match different levels of motivation, competence and ambition. Students reflect on their motivation, competence and ambition and choose their preferred option. An option with extra assignments offers a challenge for honours students.

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Language English
Published in Journal of the European honours concil
Year and volume 1 1
Key words hounours, student engagement, personalized learning, student types

Michiel van der Ven

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Michiel van der Ven

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