Tips and Pitfalls for Blended Learning

Authors Leo van Moergestel, Esther van der Stappen, Ander de Keijzer
Published in Proceedings
Publication date 21 June 2016
Research groups Artificial Intelligence, Digital Ethics, Smart Systems for Healthy Living
Type Lecture


From the article: "This paper describes the process of introducing blended learning in a CS educational program. The methodology that has been used as well as the motivation for the choices made are given. The rst results compared with results from previous courses that used a more classical teaching approach are given. These results show that the new methodology proves to be promising and successful. The successes of the new program as well as the problems encountered are discussed with their possible solution."

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Language English
Published in Proceedings
Key words Blended learning, Course development, Didactic models in practice
Page range 273-283

Artificial Intelligence