Towards a taxonomy for project management competences

Authors Ruben Vrijhoef, Steven Nijhuis, J. Kessels
Publication date 1 September 2016
Research groups Building Future Cities
Type Lecture


Presented at Conference: IPMA World Conference 2014, At Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Volume: 28 A taxonomy is used for classifying things in general. For the purpose of this paper it is a systematic classification of competences into hierarchical groups where each sublevel constitutes a breakdown of the higher level. Although a vast amount of research has been done in project management competences, there is no standard set of project management competences used (Nijhuis, 2012). Important reasons for constructing a taxonomy for project management competences are found in comparing previous research and in identifying key fields for project management education in higher education. First a definition of competence is given, secondly the rationale of this research is given by discussing recent research. Several different published taxonomies of competences are reviewed. Finally a proposed taxonomy for project management competences is presented.

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Language English
Key words project management, taxonomy

Ruben Vrijhoef

Ruben Vrijhoef | Professor | Research group Building Future Cities

Ruben Vrijhoef

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