Annoëlle van Hooff


Since 2022, Annoëlle van Hooff has been working as a designer/researcher at the Research Group Co-Design. She passionately focuses on organizing and facilitating co-design initiatives in the fields of education and healthcare, where she promotes innovation and collaboration.

Annoëlle has completed the Communication Multimedia Design program at HU. Her specializations in Human-Centred and Inclusive Design shine in her graduation project, focused on making Design Sprints more inclusive. She is currently pursuing a master's degree in Design Driven Innovation, where she is developing her expertise in tackling complex challenges.


  • Human-Centred Design
  • Inclusive Design & Research
  • Design Thinking

With her passion for Human-Centred and Inclusive design, she is skilled at communicating with creative professionals and teams to exchange knowledge and ideas. With a preference for under-represented audiences to ensure their needs are met through hands-on research and creative co-design. She is committed to creating powerful solutions that meet the needs of the widest possible diversity of people.


    • Research groups: Co-design, Organisations in Digital Transition
    • 1 September 2022 - 1 September 2024
    DLO Digital Inclusion

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