Annuska Tubast

Annuska Toebast

Annuska Toebast-Wensink MA MSc is researcher at the research group Marketing & Customer Experience, focusing on sustainable fashion consumption.


Annuska aims to connect research and practice in her work. With a background in marketing and communications, her research interests and specialization lie in consumer research with a focus on sustainable fashion consumption. 

Annuska works in the research group Marketing and Customer Experience Lectorate (HU) together with the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development (Utrecht University) on her PhD research.

Annuska lectures at Utrecht University of Applied Science (e.g., Minor ‘Marketing of Sustainable solutions’), blogs for SWOCC, is part of the UU Sustainable Behavior team & connected with other UU fashion researchers, and contributed to the international PLATE conference.

Annuska has a Masters' degree in Business Communication, as well as a Masters’ degree in Business Strategy (both Radboud University), and studied at Berkeley (University of California). 


  • Sustainable Fashion
  • Consumer Behavior Change
  • SHIFT Framework

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Annuska Tubast

Annuska Toebast

  • Researcher
  • Research group: Marketing & Customer Experience