Cathelijn Timmers

Cathelijn has been working as a researcher within the Research Group for Digital Ethics since 2019. Her research into meaningful digital innovation focuses on the role and use of practical philosophy and ethics for organizations, teams and people.


Cathelijn is a lecturer / trainer at various bachelor and master programs, within the domains of Computer Science, HR, Design and Data-driven Business. She provides training in the fields of technology & ethics, philosophical conversation, personal development & reflection, integrity and moral deliberation.
Cathelijn co-developed Masterclasses ‘Ethics in the digital world’ and ‘Digital Ethics’.

Cathelijn is especially interested in tools & techniques to increase the ethical awareness of professionals. She uses elements from practical philosophy as a meaningful addition, such as collaborative research into values and philosophical conversation techniques.


  • Philosophical dialogue
  • Personal and Organizational Values
  • (Digital) Ethics

"Ethical competence starts with awareness; what is fundamentally important to you? And what does this mean practically, for your daily activities?"

Cathelijn Timmers


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Cathelijn Timmers

  • Researcher
  • Research group: Digital Ethics