Denise Leusink

Denise has been working with the research group Innovations in Preventive Care since September 2020. She coordinates the clinical exams within the effect study Gezonde Peutermonden and provides support in various other projects. Denise is broadly interested and has a strong ambition to grow as a researcher.


During the last year of her study Dental Hygiene, Denise conducted research into the quality of data management within the Gezonde Peutermonden project. During the rest of her studies Denise remained involved with Gezonde Peutermonden. In addition to her work as a junior researcher, she works as a registered dental hygienist in a dental practice where she performs preventive, restorative and periodontal treatments.


  • Research data management
  • Youth health care
  • Caries prevention


Denise Leusink

  • Researcher
  • Research group: Innovations in Preventive Care