Dorien Corver

Dorien is a teacher-researcher at the research group Multilingualism and Education. She also teaches language at the HU-Pabo.

In her work as a language teacher, Dorien brings together insights from research and professional practice and bring these insights across to her students. She believes language development and multilingualism are important themes that should receive more explicit attention in education.

Due to our increasingly diverse society, multilingualism plays an important role in education. These current developments require language-aware professionals. Within the (research) projects that Dorien supervises, she strives to inspire both professionals and PABO students to teach in a language-aware ways.

"Conceptual knowledge developed in one language helps to make input in the other language comprehensible."

Dorien often uses the above quote from Jim Cummins (2000) to explore the value of multilingualism with her students. It shows how urgent it is to make use of the learner's multilinguist skills and why one would want to develop into a language-aware professional.


  • Multilingualism
  • Effective reading instruction
  • Practice-based research


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Dorien Corver

  • Lecturer-researcher
  • Research group: Multilingualism and Education