Researcher Ellen de Kwant

Ellen de Kwant

Since 2005 Ellen de Kwant has worked as a lecturer, educational consultant and project manager for the Utrecht Human Movement Institute. In 2014 she joined the Teaching & Learning Network and gives advice on the redesign of a diversity of educational programs.  Since Quality is very important to Ellen, she combines her consultancy and project work with research.

Ellen has a background in Human Movement Education (Physical Educational Teacher and Lecturer) and Healthcare (Cesar Kinetics therapist). In 2014 she obtained her master’s degree in Educational Consultancy and Design (Educational Sciences) at Utrecht University. At the moment she participates in research into technology enhanced workplace learning.

Ellen participates in several projects. She contributed to the further development of KIT 2.0., a digital tool to evaluate the quality of an educational assessment program.
Now she participates in the national program ‘Attention for nutrition in higher healthcare education’ and the pilot  ‘Flexibility in higher education curricula’. She is an experienced project manager.

Fields of expertise

  • Educational consultancy e.g. assessment, technology enhanced workplace learning
  • Flexibility in higher education
  • Project manager

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