Emma Strating

PhD candidate
Emma Strating is a junior researcher and PhD candidate within the research group Organisation of Change in Education. Together with educators, Emma is doing research on Student Voice: including students and pupils in the (re)organisation and design of education.


Previously, Emma has worked as a teacher of English in secondary education where she has also done research on feedback and given implications on how to improve feedback. She has also successfully completed the European Research Master of Clinical Linguistics where she has gained international research knowledge and experience.


  • Student Voice
  • Motivation to learn
  • Educational Change

"Students’ voices often tend to be forgotten in educational innovations"

Emma Strating

Dutch students are becoming less and less motivated. This has consequences for the well-being of students as well as for school performances. Emma is researching how to give students a voice in (re)designing education and how motivation to learn can be improved.


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Emma Strating

  • PhD candidate
  • Research group: Driving Educational Change