Fabian Kok

Fabian Kok is a researcher within the research group Artificial Inteligence, within which he pursues research on the topic of responsible ánd effective AI applied in both public and private institutions. Topics within his research are, amongst others, the possible ways in which technology can support, strengthen, and enrich the creative process and human creativity en large.


Fabian’s background takes part in the threefold of: the academic world within the subject of Articial Intelligence, the business world as Data Scientist, and the creative world as dancer and collaborator.

In his previous work as Data Scientist for the JADS MKB Datalab he supported more than 60 SME’s in their transition towards working (more) data-driven and worked as projectmanager for more than 40 projects. Apart from this he participated in multiple arts&science collaborations, including the Wunderkammer project of the KNAW.

Fabian is always open for a conversation with anyone interested in the intersection of art&science or technology&creativity. He is more than happy to donate his knowledge and programming skills free of charge to institutions and/or artists as ‘free’lancer whenever possible.


  • Responsible AI / ML and data science
  • Technology for Creative Processes
  • The use of AI / ML / DS within companies

"Both the arts and sciences share a common goal through different perspectives; make the invisible visible, the unknown known"

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Fabian Kok

  • Researcher
  • Research group: Artificial Intelligence