Franc van der Bent


Since 2008, Franc van der Bent has been working at the knowledge center for Healthy and Sustainable Living as a researcher. His special attention lies within the research center Smart Systems for Healthy Living team, where he contributes to the development of electronics, specifically sensors, wireless technologies, and portable measurement devices for human health monitoring. His area of interest is developing assistive tools for people with challenges.

Franc has completed his studies in the field of sensors and hold a master's degree in product design and a PhD in sensors. He teaches 2-3 days a week in electronics across various subjects. It's a great pleasure for him when students become employees and contribute to a wonderful future.

Fields of Expertise

  • coding
  • sensors
  • humans

"Great progress is driven by many small progresses"


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Franc van der Bent

  • Lecturer-researcher
  • Research group: Smart Systems for Healthy Living