The research group Smart Systems for Healthy Living works on smart technological innovations to maintain and improve human well-being. Using new smart technology systems such as sensor technology, social robotics and 3D printing, they conduct practice-based research into innovative solutions to current health problems in three lines of research.

Lines of research within the research group

In this line of research, we focus on developing smart technical innovations for medical and therapeutic treatments that meet the current and future needs of healthcare workers and patients in hospital settings. Personalised care is central here. In particular, we use 3D (bio)printing techniques, sensor technology and (social) robotics for this purpose. The research line works together with partners from practice on smart solutions within the field of medical interventions and recovery operations.


In this research line, we focus on promoting healthy lifestyles and self-reliance in the home environment, especially for elderly, chronically ill and other vulnerable groups. Technologies such as home automation and social robotics in combination with sensors in the home are central to this.  This line finds connection with the Domotics lab of the Institute for Design and Engineering, the TI lab and the Social Robotics programme of Institute for ICT and the two sustainable houses of the HU: Denver house and Celcius house.

This research line focuses on supporting a healthy, safe and sustainable physical environment through technological innovations. This line develops and tests technologies aimed at improving environmental conditions such as water and air quality, noise levels and mobility. By using sensor technology, we aim to monitor and improve the physical living environment.




The research group shares lab facilities with the Mechanical Engineering programme, making it a breeding ground for new projects and collaborations. Thanks to the strong links with the Institute for Design & Engineering and HBO-ICT, students join the researchers in various research projects for their (graduation) internships. And within its own Engineering+ honours programme, students participate in the research group as junior researchers.

Electronics Professor Matthijs Smakman

“Only by developing technological solutions together with practice partners can we keep healthcare accessible and affordable”

Matthijs Smakman Professor of Smart Systems for Healthy Living


The research group collaborates with various social partners, educational institutions and research organisations, which is essential for developing responsible technology. By setting up field labs and sharing our lab facilities, we encourage the development and testing of prototypes.

Our professors and researchers

Professor Matthijs Smakman

Matthijs Smakman

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Franc van der Bent

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Veerle Hobbelink | Teacher-Researcher | Research Group Smart Systems for Healthy Living

Veerle Hobbelink

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Tim Idzenga | Researcher | Microsystems Technology

Tim Idzenga

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Matthijs Smakman

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