Professor Matthijs Smakman

Matthijs Smakman


Dr ing. Matthijs Smakman is professor of the research group Smart Systems for Healthy Living. The research group conducts practice-oriented research on the development and application of adaptive systems that support and improve people's well-being, with a special focus on technologies that improve patient treatments, self-reliance support and sensors for monitoring the living environment.

New adaptive technologies such as AI, sensors, 3D printing and (social) robots are going to have a major impact on health care. But how? From the professorship, solutions are sought to maintain and increase the quality of care and well-being through technological innovations.  Think, for instance, of cartilage printing with 3D printers, smart plaster or improving sleep through smart monitoring.

"Only by developing technological solutions together with practice partners we can keep healthcare accessible and affordable."

Fields of expertise

  • Social Robotics
  • Ethics of Technology
  • Human-Machine Interaction



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Professor Matthijs Smakman

Matthijs Smakman

  • Professor
  • Research group: Smart Systems for Healthy Living