Irene Jonkers


Irene Jonkers works as an associate professor with the research group Organizations in Digital Transformation. She focuses on the relationship between digital developments and sustainability in organizational transformations. She conducts research on this subject and contributes to the integration of these developments into the education at Institute for People and Business.



In 2008, Irene started her journey in sustainability at Nyenrode Business University as a contract researcher. Later, she earned her doctorate at Nyenrode in the field of social innovation, focusing on how people achieve change. Currently, her primary focus is on exploring how digital developments intersect with sustainability ambitions.

Transformations are complex and chaotic processes. The main question that occupies Irene’s mind is how people can be assisted in navigating that complexity. This is necessary to create space for contributing to the transformation. This topic is the common thread in both her roles as a researcher and an educator.


  • Sustainable and digital transformation
  • Sustainability
  • Agency in change processes

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Irene Jonkers

  • Researcher
  • Research group: Organisations in Digital Transition