The research group Organisations in Digital Transition explores how digital transformation impacts organisations and their employees, how digital transformation can be deployed to the advantage of employees and the organisation, and how we can prepare and support organisations and people in successful change processes in digital transformation. 

Lines of research within the research group



The research group works closely together with various study programmes, including the Data Driven Business and Project Management masters of the Institute for People & Business. The researchers involve teachers and students in the research executed by the research group. They also develop specific student assignments and research workshops within educational programmes.



Our professors and researchers

Xander Lub

Xander Lub

Professor Organisations in Digital Transition Show profile
Machiel Bouwmans | Researcher | Research group Vocational Education

Machiel Bouwmans

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Machil Deinum

Researcher Organisations in Digital Transition Show profile

Willemijn van Haeften

Researcher Organisations in Digital Transition, Process Innovation and Information Systems Show profile