The research group Organizations in Digital Transition explores how digital transformation impacts organizations and their employees, how digital transformation can be deployed to the advantage of employees and the organization, and how we can prepare and support organizations and people in successful change processes in digital transformation. 


Research group Organizations in Digital Transformation studies, from an organization perspective, which human and organizational factors impact the success of digital transformations of organization, and how the interaction between human factors, organizational factors and technology can be optimized. The research group defines these transformations as successful when these contribute to individual wellbeing, organizational effectiveness, and societal progress.

The research group aims to generate a body of knowledge that allow practitioners to address issues regarding digital transformation and societal challenges. Within the context of digital transformation, the research group considers it her mission to contribute to creating value at:
1. an individual level (empowerment, improvement of productivity and wellbeing, development of digital skills)

2. through increased organizational effectiveness (i.e. better use of individual qualities by designing improved employee journeys)

3. societal wellbeing (by preventing that employees and their skills become obsolete in the labour market)


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