Jenia Kim

Jenia is a researcher within the research group Artificial Intelligence. She is specialized in natural language processing (NLP) and language technology. Her research explores how the responsible application of AI and NLP can contribute to society. Transparency, privacy, fairness and explainability are guiding principles in this research.


Jenia has a background in Biology, Linguistics, and Language Technology. Her research interests are at the intersection of these domains. For example, in 2021, she participated in an interdisciplinary research project at the Amsterdam UMC, which applied state-of-the-art NLP methods to detect descriptions of functioning in medical records. Nowadays, in addition to her work at the lectoraat, she works as a data scientist at a company that offers data-driven insights for disease research and drug discovery.


  • Natural Language Processing
  • Language Technology
  • Machine Learning


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Jenia Kim

  • Researcher
  • Research group: Artificial Intelligence