Joost van Andel 2

Joost van Andel


Joost is conducting his PhD research on the relational behaviour between professional agents of organisational change and other related parties. With this research, he hopes to contribute to consultants’ ability to offer better guidance during complex organisational changes. Joost is conducting this research from a social constructionist research perspective.

After his studies Business Economics (Bachelor) and Business Administration (Master of Science, specialisation Change Management), he gained experience as a financial representative in businesses such as Siemens and Hema. After several years, he shifted his career towards the development of people and organization. He followed various training courses for this, with which he obtained licenses as a Psychosocial Therapist (NVPA - Professional Association for Psychosocial Therapists) and a Registered Therapist (RBCZ - Registry for Professionals in Complementary Care).

Joost worked as a trainer, (team) coach and interim manager for various organisations for several years. At HU University of Applied Sciences Joost is a lecturer in the Human Resource Management degree programme at the Institute for People & Business. Besides, he is a coordinator and trainer for the minor Coaching. He also runs a part-time practice in the field of coaching and therapeutic supervision.

Fields of expertise

  • Organisational change
  • Psychosocial therapy and coaching
  • Social construction


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