Loes Houweling | Researcher | Youth

Loes Houweling


Loes Houweling is a researcher for the Research group Youth. She focuses primarily on the personal side of professional development within the broad field of Youth.

After years of experience as a speech therapist in special education, Loes decided to continue her education. This eventually led to a doctoral study into Training Relations (Let's Dance). Providing education and conducting research from an ecological pedagogical perspective is something that comes naturally to Loes. Loes is also an editorial member of the Dutch journal Pedagogiek in Praktijk (Educational Theory in Practice, PiP).

The need for pedagogical perspectives that repeatedly ask whether we are doing the right thing for individual children, young people, families and for society is an important incentive in focussing on regular methods of upbringing and not just on preventing or solving problem situations.

Fields of expertise

  • Narrative research
  • Participatory research
  • Learning and developing


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