Lydia Schaap

Since 15 January 2023, Lydia has been working as a researcher within the research group Driving Educational Change. The lectorate has a collective fascination with the question why educational innovations often fail to bring about sustainable change. Lydia focuses on the role of leadership, paradoxes and investigative ability. She investigates what individuals need and the system within which educational innovation takes place.


Lydia holds a PhD in educational psychology. She has had various teaching, coordinating and managerial roles in higher education and has also worked as an education and policy advisor.


Fields of expertise:

  • Leadership & systems thinking
  • Investigative ability
  • Educational Psychology


  • Why so many change efforts fail Using paradox theory as a lens to understand the complexity of educational change
    • Lydia Schaap, Kristin Vanlommel
    • Research group: Driving Educational Change
    • Article
    • 2024


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Lydia Schaap

  • Researcher
  • Research group: Driving Educational Change