Marja Exalto

Marja Exalto


Marja Exalto is an experienced consultant who works on the interface of IT and logistics. She started as a lecturer at HU University of Applied Sciences in 2013. Marja organises courses in the field of logistics and IT.

Since 2014, she has been involved in the Research group Process Innovation and Information Systems. Her research is intended to yield new insights into the relationship between process maturity and chain integration. Marja has gained practical experience in a variety of industries, both in the Netherlands and abroad (including projects in South Africa and Malaysia).

In 1993, she was conferred a PhD for her research in the field of Strategic and Logistics Decision-making. This study, which was associated with TNO and the Tinbergen Institute, focused on the development of calculation programmes that could be used to support business decisions. In 1991, she obtained a master’s degree in Management Transport and Logistics Services at Tilburg University. She had been awarded her first master’s degree, in Information Management and Auditing, two years earlier by VU Amsterdam.

Fields of expertise

  • Logistics decision-making
  • Information technology



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Marja Exalto

Marja Exalto

  • Researcher
  • Research group: Process Innovation and Information Systems