Matthijs Karssen

Matthijs Karssen (1983) has been working for HU since 2011. Matthijs is a member of the HU research team of "De Digitale Accountant", a collaboration of various universities (of applied sciences), sector organizations and accountancy firms, and of the honors team of the Institute of Finance & Accounting.

Matthijs Karssen works as a lecturer-researcher within Financial Economic Innovation and teaches multiple courses at IFA.
Matthijs Karssen (1983) achieved his bachelor in Business Economics at HU. Next, he obtained his master in Strategic Management at Tilburg University. He then held several financial positions at Achmea, Capgemini Consulting, Ridder Data Systems.


  • Data Analytics & FinTech
  • Strategy & Corporate Culture
  • Statistics & Research

"Never let fear of disappointment stop you from trying"

Matthijs Karssen

My interest in research started during my studies. It’s inspiring working with the latest theories and insights, which have been researched and discovered in the field. Applying these insights helps to get a grip on the complexity of the daily reality, or even to approach the future in some form.

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Matthijs Karssen

  • Lecturer-researcher
  • Research group: Financial-Economic Advice in Innovation