Patric Versteeg

Patric is a visionary executive with a deep passion for revolutionizing the world through profound information and cybersecurity management. 

As a dynamic leader, Patric thrives on challenging traditional thinking in these domains, always embracing the power of "Yes!" to drive innovation and transformation. His unwavering commitment to continuous training and education has propelled him to the forefront of the information and cybersecurity field. Renowned as one of the top specialists, he possess an extensive network of influential peers and constantly seek new connections to expand my knowledge. 

However, his ambitions extend beyond these realms. He is particularly intrigued by the intersection of leadership, organizational behaviour, and cybersecurity culture, recognizing their vital role in fostering sustainable success. Throughout his career, he has successfully constructed and guided information and cybersecurity programs and teams on a global scale. As a strategic change agent, he has spearheaded initiatives that redefine the landscape of information and cybersecurity. 

Drawing upon over two decades of experience, he excels in delivering visionary strategic planning, inspiring leadership, incisive analysis, and tailored solutions. His expertise ensures that businesses remain secure amidst the ever-evolving security landscape. Let's connect and explore how my transformative leadership can drive your company's growth in today's complex digital landscape.


  • Cybersecurity
  • Personal Leadership
  • IT Security Toolset & Techniques

"Cyber Security is not a democracy or a dictatorship. It is a fine balance between supporting the business and keeping the business secure with an infinite mindset."


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