Rijk Mercuur


Rijk Mercuur researches the collaboration between humans and AI at the Artificial Intelligence research group. Rijk focuses on human values in designing responsible AI, on mutual understanding between humans and AI and simulating the social effects of AI.


In 2015, Rijk obtained his master's degree in Artificial Intelligence (cum laude, best thesis award) and in 2021 he defended his PhD on simulating routine human behavior at TU Delft. After this, Rijk taught Philosophy and AI at Utrecht University and founded a department for AI & Ethics at Hiro.

Since 2023, Rijk has been conducting research in the 'cooperative AI' research line and helps at the Human-centered AI Master and the ICT institute. In this way he wants to contribute to a healthy dose of philosophical reflection and technical knowledge. Rijk cherishes curiosity, critical thinking, compassion, animal welfare, making music and an open attitude.


  • Responsible AI
  • Simulations (of social problems)
  • Decision-making models (of humans and AI)

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Rijk Mercuur

  • Researcher
  • Research group: Artificial Intelligence