Rutger is a trained physiotherapist and has an MBA in Business Administration. His mission: to merge quality assurance in physiotherapy with insights in the field of Business Administration. He has also launched a ‘business community’ for entrepreneurs working in Movement Care, as well as developing the course ‘The Enterprising Care Professional’.

Current healthcare legislation requires physiotherapeutic practices to provide high quality at a low cost. Can practices keep offering this combination in financial terms? Or are they required to innovate? By organising a collaborative programme or offer for a specific neighbourhood or company? These questions have an impact on both the quality of the delivered physiotherapy and the provider’s commercial and operational insights.

The answer follows from research into business model innovation for physiotherapeutic practices in primary care, performed within both the Research group Financial-Economic Advice in Innovation (FAI) and the Research group Innovation of Movement Care.
Until recently, Rutger served as head of the Psychosomatic Physiotherapy major offered within the Physiotherapy master’s degree programme at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht’s Institute for Human Movement Studies.


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Rutger IJntema

Rutger IJntema

  • PhD candidate
  • Research groups: Financial-Economic Advice in Innovation, Innovation of Movement Care