Sarah Mbawa

PhD candidate
Sarah Mbawa has been a researcher within the research group Human Experience & Media Design (HEMD) since March 2022. She has a Master in Data driven Design and is focused on UX research in chatbot technology in suicide prevention and sms technology. Sarah is also a lecturer for Big Data minor for the CMD and is a writing coach for the master Data-driven Design’s Lab. Since 1 september she started her PhD research: Developing principles for the design and review of digital interventions in mental healthcare: a multi-perspective approach


Sarah has a background in Mining Engineering, Software Engineering, and Multimedia (television, social media, and radio). In research, she contributed to the data management and translation verification process in the 2023 Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study for IEA, Netherlands.

She is driven by her hunger for knowledge and passion to help make life easy through the use and development of empathetic technological solutions. 


  • User Research
  • AI solutions or designs
  • Data Analysis 


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Sarah Mbawa

  • PhD candidate
  • Research group: Human Experience & Media Design