Susanne Tonnon | Senior Researcher | Debt and Debt Collection

Susanne Tonnon


Susanne Tonnon is a psychologist. She obtained her doctorate with a dissertation on the implementation of healthcare interventions. In 2017, she joined the Research group Debt and Debt Collection. She primarily focuses on increasing the accessibility and effectiveness of debt assistance in the Netherlands.

Susanne attaches great importance to knowledge that can be applied by those who are directly involved. Her research into implementation is a good example of this. A well-substantiated method can still cause problems during implementation, as a result of which professionals may not apply it or apply it differently. Or it may be that the method is considered to be less desirable than was originally hoped, whereby the target group abstains from implementing it.

"If you build it, will they come?"

Susanne’s research is aimed at contributing to a practice that succeeds in applying theoretically substantiated methods in practice.

Fields of expertise

  • Implementation research
  • Behavioural changes
  • Stress-sensitive services


  • Legal aid and clients with multiple problem A first screening at the Dutch Legal Services Counter, International Journal of the Legal Profession
    • Majda Lamkaddem, Susanne Tonnon, Maaike Keesen, Esther Verboon, Quirine Eijkman, Gerrita van der Veen
    • Research group: Access to Justice
    • Article
    • 2022
  • Focus on client needs - A study on frontline legal aid in the Netherlands Focus op client behoeften -- Een studie over eerstelijns rechtshulp in Nederland
    • Susanne Tonnon, Majda Lamkaddem, Maaike Keesen, Quirine Eijkman, Gerrita van der Veen, Esther Verboon
    • Research groups: Access to Justice, Debt and Debt Collection
    • Article
    • 2021


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Susanne Tonnon | Senior Researcher | Debt and Debt Collection

Susanne Tonnon

  • Researcher
  • Research group: Debt and Debt Collection