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We provide you with a flying start to your (international) career in marketing, business and media, with you playing a pivotal role in the exciting global creative business.

When you graduate, you will receive a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree, together with the International Diploma Supplement (IDS) in English.

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What jobs can I apply for after Creative Business?

Creative Business graduates are creative, forward thinkers with thorough knowledge of business, humanity, marketing, media and digital transformation to new technologies. They can initiate innovation in multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural network environments.

Creative Business contributes to any industry that embraces creative innovation. We train students a career in the Creative Industries, such as advertising, fashion, music, games and media, as well as healthcare, education, government and business services.

With your Creative Business degree, you are set for an exciting career in any given sector. You may work for an international company in the Netherlands or abroad, or start your own business. Your skills will be in high demand!

Specialists who are experts in search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), and email campaigns are in high demand. Applicants with marketing and digital skills that can help companies build their brands for remote prospects and followers will be very attractive to employers in.

As customer journey manager, you develop and implement ideas to communicate with leads and customers. Your aim is to optimise customer experience, improve customer loyalty and influence growth of, for example, an online fashion brand.

As community Digital Marketer manager, you create social media and communication campaigns in line with marketing strategies. You provide text, image and video content for social media accounts and you respond to comments and customer queries in a creative and customer-centred way.

As brand manager, you are in the lead on all communication coming from the brand – both internally and externally. You manage brand strategy and execution, and coordinate brand partnerships. You might do this for a start-up, a fashion brand or a global media company.

You design, build and maintain the social media presence of an organisation. You have mastered marketing tools and strategies and lead-integrated digital marketing campaigns – from concept to execution. Digital marketers work together with the marketing team, designers, programmers and sales.

As growth hacker you drive growth by developing and launching interactive tools and apps. You collaborate with channel-specific marketing teammates (blogging, email, social media, etc.) to identify areas for growth, test and optimise marketing tactics and improve customer experiences.

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In order for a company to achieve its goals (selling their product/service, gathering donations, etc.), they will most likely need people that can occupy positions in the above examples. 

Here are some examples of companies that our alumni work in:

  • The Walt Disney Company
  • adidas
  • VICE Media
  • G-Star RAW
  • Hearst Publishing

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    Keep on studying after earning your degree?

    After your graduation, you may continue your education towards a Master's degree at a college or university around the world. In some cases, you may need a special minor to enrol, or follow an extra preparation course which may take up to a year.

    Stay in touch with us

    We like keeping in touch with former students, and we advise you to do the same. They are a great source of information about developments in your field. And in the connected world of today, a good network is of immense value. Every year, we organise an alumni event to which our fourth-year students are also invited. This allows them to learn more about the working practice and start building their network.