During the programme

In the Creative Business study programme you acquire up-to-date knowledge and skills in creative thinking, human-centred design, relevant technologies, and business savviness, and develop into cultural savvy global professionals. Marketing and Media are important business domains. You will develop skills to come up with innovative solutions for creative industries, media, and global organisations that embrace creative innovation. You can also start your own business.

Unlock your potential with Creative Business

You learn how to be successful in Advertising, Media & Entertainment, Design, Music, Publishing, Gaming, Fashion and IT and many other sectors. We unlock your commercial potential through creative thinking and collaboration. You learn how to study effectively by working in groups on assignments drawn from real industry practice, supervised by a lecturer. Interacting with your fellow students, tutors and people from the field, you also improve your professional and social skills.

Content of the Creative Business programme

Creative Business prepares you for the creative industry, but also for all the other industries that embrace creative innovation - such as Health, Education, Government and Business Services.

Important topics in the study programme are marketing, cultural diversity, consumer behaviour, creativity, humanity, technology, business models, branding, culture, media, entrepreneurship, professional identity, multiple electives (such as Artificial Intelligence, Circular innovation and Growth hacking), various research approaches and a graduation project.

In your first year, you explore the foundations of international creative business together with your fellow students. You focus on marketing, professional onboarding, research skills and innovations in the creative business field. Important approaches such as agile working and design thinking are introduced, you learn the basics of collaboration and get acquainted with project work.

  • Block A & B: Innovations of Creative Business, Creative Lab, Collaborative Studio, Effective Communications, Professional Onboarding
  • Block C & D: Marketing Playground, Challenging Human Biases, Research Design, Media Culture, Professional Onboarding
Courses year 1

In the second year, you learn to think and work like a creative professional. You'll get many reality checks in the form of real projects, guest lectures, and introductions to the professional field. This year, you get a taste of what it means to work like a creative problem-solver and pioneer. You choose the elective courses that are most interesting and relevant to you, thus constructing your ideal learning path. In year two you will follow four important courses of 10 ECTS each, building on the knowledge and skills you gained in your 1, to a higher level:

  • Block A & B: Innovation Leadership - Research-based prototyping + Electives
  • Block C & D: Tech4Good - Media Strategy + Electives

In year two you will follow four important courses of 10 ECTS each, building on the knowledge and skills you gained in your 1, to a higher level:

  • Innovation Leadership
  • Research-based Prototyping
  • Tech4Good
  • Media Strategy

Next that that, you can follow your own interests and choose 4 elective courses out of a very broad offer, such as: 

  • Effective Value Capturing
  • Better Business Better Planet
  • Coding Community
  • Participatory Cultures   
  • Framing in the media
  • The Power of sound 
  • Data Visualisations 
  • Immersive Experience Design
  • Brand Strategy
  • Influencing your Audience 
  • Content Marketing
  • Wild Card
Mandatory and elective courses year 2

In the third year you can start the work placement or your Profiling Space in the semester of your choice. We encourage students to spend a part of this year in a non-native environment, to develop your global mindset and intercultural skills. 

One semester is devoted to your minor. You may study at one of our 70+ foreign partner universities or any Dutch university, including Hogeschool Utrecht. Whatever you choose to do, this year, you experience new cultures and truly learn what it's like to work in international creative business.

In your final year you will learn to deal with complex problems in creative business independently, by using all the competences you developed on bachelor level. In the first block you will practice this in smaller courses. After that you will work for several blocks on a major project, your Graduation Journey. In this project you will analyse a problem, design a research approach and execute the research, develop a prototype for a solution and pitch this to a real client from the creative business. Next to that you will gradually build your own professional profile, to prepare you for the transition to your professional life after graduation. 
Since we constantly update our curriculum with the latest developments. For inspiration, here are the courses that are currently in our programme.
Mandatory courses:

  • Circular Innovation
  • AI and Creativity
  • Professional Identity
  • Graduation Journey


  • Advanced Creative Business 
  • Global Scale-up 
  • Building Brand Experiences 
  • Growth Hacking 
  • Marketing Innovations

Examples of graduation projects:

  • Interactive educational webpage about how to use NFTs to generate new revenue streams for museums
  • App for community engagement training courses for (TikTok) content creators
  • Storyboard for a VR experience in a cultural museum
  • (Re)brand guidelines for a B2B company 
  • Brand (re)positioning and branding strategy

The Creative Business teachers

Curious about the teachers of this programme? They come from all over the world. Why don’t you get to know about some of their projects and experience before you start?


Hours a week
    Study in figures

    Want to know more about this programme?

    Are you keen to follow an expanded and more intensive version of the standard programme, or accumulate Honours Stars during your regular studies? Our Honours Programme could be for you! If you collect five stars in total, you graduate with honours.

    LinkUP is a dedicated team organising a wide range of social activities for their fellow CB students: trips abroad, arts and music festivals, educational events and regular parties, as well as the introduction camp.

    From day one, you are allocated a personal study career coach (SCC), who supports you during your time with us. Your SCC helps you with all study-related issues, from time management to study methods and career planning, your professional profile and personal brand.

    You will have about 15 hours of lesson time per week, and will spend about 25 hours on group work and individual study. Our teaching methods vary depending on the module, but the focus is always on student participation. You build up your own professional experience through workshops, incubators, assignments for companies, games, e-learning and labs. We think reflection, self-evaluation and critical thinking are as important as hands-on skills.

    Courses in Creative Business are assessed primarily through assignments, which include essays, marketing plans, business concepts, portfolios and pitches. Our assessment methods reflect what students do in the professional field. For many assessments, we work with challenges or briefs of clients or tackle real problems that a certain sector is facing.

    We are moving to competence-based assessment, where the growth of the student in specific learning outcomes is central. For this purpose, we focus on larger assessment units (e.g. 10 ECTS) and assignments that have space for the individual student’s own ideas and output. Our assessment is student-driven, challenge-based and focuses on concrete projects.

    In the third year you can start the work placement or your Profiling Space in the semester of your choice. We strongly encourage students to spend a part of this year in a non-native environment, to develop your global mindset and intercultural skills. 

    Please note: in previous years students were required to spend either their work placement or Profiling Space in a non-native environment. This is no longer a requirement and instead has become a recommendation.

    Why study Creative Business at HU?

    • Innovative curriculum preparing you for the workplace of the future

      Creative Business contributes to virtually all industries that embrace creative innovation next to the Creative Industries, so your skills will be in high demand.

    • International network

      You learn in an international environment from top-quality researchers and experienced lecturers. International exchange programmes/internships are included in the programme.

    • The city of Utrecht

      Beautiful Utrecht is a university city with plenty of young people and excellent facilities for student life.