During the programme

As well as working on practical business cases, you also get to make decisions regarding the curriculum you follow, allowing you to have a personalised experience. This consists of your choice of minor (done abroad), language and two work placements in year 2 and 4.

What makes IB truly international?

In your second and fourth year, you will do a work placement - one of these has to be outside of the Netherlands. Additionally, you may study a semester abroad in your third year. All of your classes are in English. On top of that you will take classes in either French, German, Spanish or Dutch. Your fellow students and your tutors come from all continents.

Content of the International Business programme

In your first year, you get to know Utrecht, the university, your fellow students and the programme. During the first 20 weeks, you are introduced to the main themes and subjects you will be working on in the next four years. During the second 20 weeks, you will work more hands-on by, for instance, solving a viable business case.

After successful completion of year one, you will receive the propaedeutic (foundation phase) diploma required for continuing the IB programme.

Courses year 1

During the main phase of the programme, you broaden and deepen the knowledge acquired during the first year. The final term of your second year consists of a ten-week work placement with a company active in the international business arena, either in the Netherlands or abroad.

Courses year 2

In your third year, you take part in a student exchange programme at an internationally recognised partner university. We have agreements with institutions in countries as varied as the US, the UK, Thailand, France, Spain, Germany and New Zealand, among others. The exchange programme is mandatory for students whose previous education was in the Netherlands, and highly recommended for our international students.

Courses year 3

Your fourth and last year focuses on your graduation. You complete a five-month work placement at a company of your choice and write a research-based dissertation, resulting in graduating with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree.

Courses year 4

The International Business teachers

Curious about the teachers of this programme? They come from all over the world. Why don’t you get to know about some of their projects and experience before you start?

International Business: study in figures
  • 20%Practice
  • 80%Theory
  • 70%Individual
  • 30%Group

Self study

hours per week
    Study in figures

    Want to know more about this programme?

    At the end of your first year you receive a study advice based on your results. Have you earned at least 50 out of the possible 60 ECTS? You can continue studying unhindered. Have you failed to earn at least 50 ECTS during your first year? Then you receive a binding study advice, indicating you cannot continue your studies in this programme.

    Do you want to go the extra mile and do you have a “do good & pay it forward” attitude? In the IB Honours programme you have the chance to work on your skills and competences to make a difference in the world. In this platform for super-motivated students, you can participate in a project for a cause to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals. For example, students help to raise awareness and funds to provide breakfast every school day for young children aged 3-10 years old in Kenya, Africa with the aim of reducing hunger and poverty.

    From day one, you are allocated a personal coach, who supports you during your time with us. Your SCC helps you with all study-related issues, from time management to study methods and career planning.

    Our teaching methods vary depending on the module, but the focus is always on student participation. Typical methods are: small groups and individual tutorials, research, workshops, appropriate training in relevant technology, a combination of online and offline learning and self-study.

    The amount of tuition fee you’ll have to pay depends on a number of factors. Read more about the tuition fees or use the tuition fee calculator.

    For other expenses you make, such as textbooks and field trips, set aside between € 500 and € 1.000 per year.

    Are you a student with a non-EU/EEA nationality? Then you may be eligible for one of the scholarships we offer.

    Courses conclude with exams, tests, assignments, essays or portfolios. Exams may also be broken down into partial exams (or partial tests). Exams are held at the end of each term and are posted on the examination timetable.

    You will undertake two work placements during your time with us. At least one of these has to be done outside the Netherlands. They give you the practical skills you need for a successful international career.

    Having the correct laptop-computer, to facilitate your studies for the International Business Studies programme, will be a necessity. As such, it is a long term investment towards your future.

    The following considerations should be taken into account to assist you in making the decision:

    • A dependable, well-made and robust laptop, that will last the duration of your study, 4+ years.
    • A reputable manufacturer, with good and recognised customer support and quality guarantee.
    • The specifications should be powerful, enough to handle the demanding software programs you will use now and in the future.
    • The device should be portable and light, easy to carry around and offer a full working day of battery life.

    Based on these considerations, the following suggested recommendations can be given, regarding specifications and equipment manufacturers:

    Operating System Windows 10
    Processor Minimum: Intel iCore 5, AMD Ryzen 5
    Hard Drive Storage Minimum: SSD 128 GB
    RAM Minimum: 8 GB
    Screen Size Preferred: 12-14 inches
    Camera Front Facing (Video Conferencing)
    Touch Screen Preferred
    2-in-1 / Convertible Optional
    Equipment Manufacturer Microsoft Surface Laptop, Microsoft Surface Pro, HP, DELL, ASUS, Lenovo

    Why study International Business at HU?

    • A truly international experience

      You'll have work placements and study periods abroad, get taught by an international team of tutors, meet an international student population in this completely English-based programme.

    • Practice-based education

      Your teachers are in direct contact with the professional world. You and your fellow students will work in exciting real-life projects for international companies.

    • Colour your individual specialisation

      Within prescheduled themes you can choose your own path, allowing you to create the programme that suits you best.

    Dafinka Mihaylova, student International Business

    "The minor offered me the opportunity to apply my knowledge in the real world"

    Dafinka Mihaylova (Age 25) Fourth year student