After your graduation

Once you graduate, you are a business transition expert. You can work in different functions and even develop yourself further as a Chief of Sustainability Officer. Above all, you will be a responsible, global professional who can accompany businesses in large-scale transitions and changes.

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Career prospects for sustainable business professionals

As a graduate Sustainable Business Transition you are an expert in realising future-oriented, sustainable solutions. Wherever you end up in the international work field, the competences in which we train you are highly relevant for the years to come. With this degree, you can be an independent consultant in transition management, become a Chief Sustainability Officer in-house, improve products in sustainable ways or turn towards the community itself and customer experience.

What jobs can you apply for after Sustainable Business Transition?

  • Chief Sustainability Officer
    Manage an organisation's initiatives relating to sustainability and/or corporate social responsibility (CSR).
  • Transition Facilitator
    Coordinate and implement large-scale transitions and change management initiatives throughout an organisation.
  • Sustainable Marketing Professional
    Create marketing strategies and  content for brands or organisations to promote sustainable products and practices. 
  • Consumer Strategy Lead
    Research consumer insights to achieve better and more sustainable products or designs.
  • Sustainable Design Thinker
    Facilitate the development and design of creative ideas that have a positive impact on the business, society and the future.
  • Developer Responsible Business
    Further develop and advice on responsible business models.

You can get started at

You can work at different types of companies after graduation, from start-ups to large companies and NGO’s. You could consider:

  • PWC
  • Mexx
  • WWF
  • Ikea

Our students have also worked for local green start-ups such as Silver Heron and Studio Wae.

The competences you'll develop

After the Master Sustainable Business Transition you can:

  • create social and sustainability-oriented innovations. 
  • implement creative solutions, designs and ways of working to complex problems. 
  • develop and evaluate smart business innovations, using technology as part of the system. 
  • think and strategise long-term about a business problem, and formulate scenarios around possible outcomes.
  • analyse content, concepts and policies critically and on expert level.
  • take the lead and collaborate efficiently with different stakeholders.
  • develop interdisciplinary, independent and applied research on complex challenges by using different methods.

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