Active ageing (fit and safe in old age)

In order to age fit and safely, it is important to prevent falls. There are effective, community-based fall prevention interventions, but their implementation is stagnating. How do we ensure that these interventions are successfully implemented in the community? And what knowledge and expertise can we, as researchers, gain in this area?


ZonMw has set up a national Implementation network Sport & Exercise, where researchers are trained as implementation-experts. Meike van Scherpenseel participates in this network and will share her experience and knowledge within the fall prevention project (FRIEND) and in educational purposes.


We expect

  • Increase of knowledge of implementation research (design, implementation, evaluation)
  • More embedding of the theme 'implementation' in both Bachelor's and Master's programmes within the HU, initially in the Institute for Human Movement Studies (IHMS)



01 September 2021 - 31 December 2023


The Implementation network holds monthly meetings. The knowledge gained is shared widely, both within the fall prevention project (FRIEND), and within various research groups of the Knowledge Centre Healthy and Sustainable Living and with various courses within the IHMS.

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Meike van Scherpenseel

Meike van Scherpenseel

  • PhD candidate
  • Research group: Innovation of Movement Care