CHIWaWA: Create & Health Innovation Ways of Working Analysis

How do creative research methods contribute to innovation in healthcare? We investigate this within ten projects of the ZonMw programme ‘Create Health’. These projects generate knowledge about creative ways of working in e-health innovation.


The Create Health program aims to contribute to the social challenge regarding healthy and active aging, in which CHIWAWA works towards a conceptual model on ways of working (WoW) in create health projects – related to theory on boundary crossing and research impact – with regards to the products and services developed, and to the knowledge, personal, and system development of linked and unlinked actors.


In co-design, 'quick and dirty' prototyping is often used, whereas a working prototype provides more insights into the experience at the point of use." - Design

researcher in one of the create health research projects.



Knowledge building blocks that are available online and offline, published in a book, in articles, and on a website.

The knowledge building blocks include:

  • Insight into opportunities to improve the impact of research on e-health innovation in create health projects
  • Project narratives with best practices of interdisciplinary collaboration in which researchers, creative industry, and professionals in healthcare are involved
  • Guidelines for developers of e-health solutions on how to collaborating with creative industry
  • Guidelines for policymakers on how to stimulate collaboration between health and creative industry and the use of creative ways of working to increase the contribution of research to practice


From a service-dominant logic perspective, CHIWaWA researchers investigate how actors of the create health projects share applied knowledge and skills, create value, and learn from the exchange as a process. The research focuses on co-creation of value that emerges through collaboration and exchange. By means of process research, CHIWaWA contributes to theory development on boundary crossing and contribution mapping.

Contributions to conferences and symposia

Co-design in de anderhalvemetermaatschappij (whitepaper), Dutch Design Week 2020. Slides of the presentation can be downloaded here. 
Posterpresentatie: Health X Design


01 September 2018 - 01 May 2022

HU researchers involved in the research

Collaboration with knowledge partners

Berit Godfroij | Researcher | Co-design research group

Berit Godfroij

  • Researcher
  • Research group: Co-design