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Berit Godfroij


Berit Godfroij MSc works as a researcher for the Co-Design research group since 2011. Since 2014, she conducts doctoral research (associated with Delft University of Technology) into the changing role of designers in their collaboration with service organisations as clients (dissertation expected in 2019).

Berit has a background in Industrial Design (Delft University of Technology) where she obtained a master’s degree in Design for Interaction in 2008. She then worked for two years as a qualitative researcher and usability expert at a large research agency, after which she joined the knowledge network of Co-Design (formerly Product Design & Engineering).

"You cannot rely on a white-water river to always carry you safely to your destination."

Berit's doctoral research provides insight into the changing role of designers, where projects are becoming more open and complex. Based on a literature review and two case studies, her research reveals the gradual changes in the approach to design, thereby providing a process flow that can be useful to designers in their collaboration with (service) clients.

Fields of expertise

  • Qualitative process research
  • Research methodology
  • Design research


  • Change and Novelty for Industrial Designers in Complex Design Projects for Healthcare
    • Berit Godfroij, Remko van der Lugt
    • Research group: Co-design
    • Lecture
    • 2020
  • Collaborating in Complexity Strategies for interdisciplinary collaboration in design research
    • dr. Daan Andriessen, Berit Godfroij, Kees Greven, Marieke Zielhuis
    • Research groups: Co-design, Methodology of Practice-Based Research
    • Lecture
    • 2020
  • Grounding practices How researchers ground their work in create-health collaborations for designing e-health solutions
    • Marieke Zielhuis, Christa van Gessel, Remko van der Lugt, Berit Godfroij, dr. Daan Andriessen
    • Research groups: Co-design, Methodology of Practice-Based Research
    • Lecture
    • 2020


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