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The number of people aged 65 and over who fall each year is increasing. Fall prevention is effective in reducing the risk of falling. In eFallprevention we investigate the usability of a blended fall prevention program. We combine fall prevention within a physical therapy practice with digital support through a mobile app.


The goal is to use a blended intervention to contribute to the prevention of falls among 65 and older people living at home. The intervention will be co-designed and tested by people from the target group, physiotherapists and Master Physiotherapy students.


  • The product itself: a blended intervention integrating a physical fall prevention program and digital support
  • Understanding the usability of the intervention among community-dwelling older adults and physiotherapists
  • Contributing to the national ambition to offer fall prevention to older adults 


01 January 2024 - 01 January 2029


We combine expertise from end users, knowledge institutions and an eHealth developer for the development and continuous evaluation of the blended intervention. In doing so, we focus on usability.


Fall prevention is highly topical. The ‘Chain Approach Fall Prevention’ is committed to broad screening for fall risk of people over 65 years by municipalities. After screening, part of the people will be eligible for a fall prevention intervention at a physiotherapy practice. This study aims to provide insight into the usability of an intervention that people with an increased risk of falling can partly perform at home, guided by a physiotherapist. The results will have an impact on the further development of the ‘Chain Approach Fall Prevention’.

eFallprevention is funded by SIA RAAK through a KIEM grant

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For this project we work together with Health Train and VeiligheidNL.

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Saskia te Velde

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  • Research group: Innovation of Movement Care