Promoting evidence-informed change: What (doesn't) work?

Evidence-informed change in education revolves around the combination and integration of school and/or system data, research data and experiential knowledge to make substantiated (change) decisions that fit the context. This proves difficult in practice. However, a systematic overview of hindering and facilitating factors is lacking: what (doesn't) work?


The influencing factors for evidence-informed change in education are mapped out. The overview offers educational professionals tools for strengthening evidence-informed change. In this way (the underlying causes of) problems can be identified and appropriate change strategies can be designed and implemented, with the aim of organizing changes in education effectively and sustainably.


  • A final report with an overview of the factors that influence evidence-informed change in education
  • A knowledge clip in which the hindering and facilitating factors for evidence-informed change in education is presented
  • A podcast in which the influencing factors for evidence-informed change in education are explained


09 January 2022 - 31 August 2023


A thematic overview study identifies the barriers and facilitators for evidence-informed change in education. To this end, scientific and practical publications from various domains are systematically studied and interpreted jointly with (inter)national experts.

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