Racerunning for young children with a severe physical disability

The name of the racerunner has just been adjusted in Framerunner.

Increasing physical activity, especially in young children with severe physical disabilities, is complicated. The racerunner is a novel device that is appealing to children and can support them in engaging in physical activity and thus has the ability to promote participation.


The main aim is to develop a toolbox for PPTs to promote physical activity with the racerunner in children with severe physical disabilities (2-8 years). We will furthermore examine the facilitators and barriers for using the racerunner in young children, their parents and PPTs.


  • Toolbox, with written and video instructions, that supports promoting PA with the racerunner.
  • Symposium for pediatric physical therapists including workshops to facilitate the use of the toolbox.
  • Short movie clips containing information about RaceRunning.
  • Knowledge about the facilitators and barriers for using the racerunner.


01 January 2021 - 20 November 2022


We will develop a toolbox using a co-design approach, involving children with severe physical disabilities, parents, pediatric physical therapists, RaceRunning Netherlands, designers and researchers. To assess facilitators and barriers, the toolbox semi-structured interviews will be conducted with children, parents and PPTs.

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