Assessing the added value of education in project management tuition/training

Authors Steven Nijhuis
Publication date 2013
Research groups Methodology of Practice-Based Research
Type Lecture


Paper presented at the CARPE Conference Manchester 2013 Various programs in higher education feel a need to teach project management skills to students. Measuring the effect of education is a challenge especially when focused on behavioral skills. Research on learning gains often turns to the method of Students Assessment of Learning Gains (SALG). This article constructs five design criteria for an instrument that measures added value: measure satisfaction, use pre- and posttests, use perceived ability, account for learning stage one a nd account for attrition. A first design was tested on a semester of a professional master in project management. The test yields ambiguous results, further research is required.


Language English
Key words assessment, management tuition, management training

Steven Nijhuis

Steven Nijhuis | Researcher | Research group Building Future Cities

Steven Nijhuis

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