Multilevel boundary crossing

Authors Ilya Zitter , Liesbeth Baartman , Elly de Bruijn
Publication date September 2018
Research groups Vocational Education
Type Lecture


Symposiumbijdrage conferentie EARLI SIG 14, 11-14 september 2018, Genève Learning across the contexts of school and the workplace is highly relevant to the VET-sector. This contribution analyses these cross-contextual learning processes with three key issues in mind: (1) guidance by vocational educators, (2) assessment of students’ development and (3) design of VET-learning environments. Guidance, assessment and overarching VET-curriculum designs form the basis for constructive alignment as an approach to optimize conditions for high quality cross-contextual learning processes. We used the theoretical framework of boundary crossing to clarify the complex, multilevel nature of these key issues.


Language English
Key words boundary crossing, learning processes, vocational education

Ilya Zitter

Ilya Zitter | Researcher | Research group Vocational Education

Ilya Zitter

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