Successful implementation of self-management health innovations

Authors Wilke van Beest, Wouter Boon, Ellen H. M. Moors, Gerrita van der Veen, Harald Pol, Daan Andriessen
Published in Journal of Public Health: From Theory to Practice
Publication date 1 July 2020
Research groups Marketing & Customer Experience, Research Competence
Type Article


Background Literature on self-management innovations has studied their characteristics and position in healthcare systems. However, less attention has been paid to factors that contribute to successful implementation. This paper aims to answer the question: which factors play a role in a successful implementation of self-management health innovations? Methods We conducted a narrative review of academic literature to explore factors related to successful implementation of self-management health innovations. We further investigated the factors in a qualitative multiple case study to analyse their role in implementation success. Data were collected from nine self-management health projects in the Netherlands. Results Nine factors were found in the literature that foster the implementation of self-management health innovations: 1) involvement of end-users, 2) involvement of local and business partners, 3) involvement of stakeholders within the larger system, 4) tailoring of the innovation, 5) utilisation of multiple disciplines, 6) feedback on effectiveness, 7) availability of a feasible business model, 8) adaption to organisational changes, and 9) anticipation of changes required in the healthcare system. In the case studies, on average six of these factors could be identified. Three projects achieved a successful implementation of a self-management health innovation, but only in one case were all factors present. Conclusions For successful implementation of self-management health innovation projects, the factors identified in the literature are neither necessary nor sufficient. Therefore, it might be insightful to study how successful implementation works instead of solely focusing on the factors that could be helpful in this process.

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Language English
Published in Journal of Public Health: From Theory to Practice
Key words self-management, health innovation, implementation, factors
Digital Object Identifier 10.1007/s10389-020-01330-y

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