Towards a new balance in functions of assessment: shifting from formative and summative to a continuum of stakes

Authors Bas Agricola, Marlies de Vos, Liesbeth Baartman, Tamara van Schilt-Mol
Publication date 2023
Research groups Vocational Education
Type Other


A growing number of higher education programmes in the Netherlands has implemented programmatic assessment. Programmatic assessment is an assessment concept in which the formative and summative function of assessment is intertwined. Although there is consensus about the theoretical principles of programmatic assessment, programs make various specific design choices, fitting with their own context. In this factsheet we give insight into the design choices Dutch higher education programmes make when implementing programmatic assessment.

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Language English
Key words programmatic assessment, design choices

Bas Agricola

Bas Agricola

Bas Agricola

  • Lecturer-researcher
  • Research group: Vocational Education