Annemarie van de Weert | Researcher | Access to Justice

Annemarie van de Weert


Annemarie van de Weert is a researcher at the Research Centre for Social Innovation. For the Research group Access to Justice, she mapped out the process of early detection of youth extremism by primary care professionals. Annemarie is a lecturer in Counterterrorism, International Relations and Organised Crime at the Insitute for Safety & Security Management Studies. From September 2021, she will be conducting research into legal protection in the use of coercive measures in mental health care.

"As the reports show, the experiences of primary care professionals provide implications for the local approach to extremism among young people"

Follow-up studies will focus on Public Order and Law Enforcement in a pre-crime phase in which certain youth groups or confused persons may be creating a disturbance, but are not yet conducting any illegal behaviour. It such cases, one is dealing with risk assessments of potentially dangerous individuals and groups, and planning appropriate anticipatory interventions. The objective is to find out how certain preconceptions held by primary care professionals can influence such risk assessments, on which the deployment of preventive policies are based. How might a citizen defend themselves against this?


Animation by Annemarie van der Weert of the urgency for research into Local Early Detection of Deviant Behaviour.

By explaining patterns, pitfalls and dilemmas from daily practice, knowledge can be gathered to improve practice. This can provide valuable insights for self-reflection and awareness of one's own actions. With this research, the Research group Access to Justice wishes to contribute to a more thorough, inclusive and informed practice with regard to the early detection of extremist and/or problematic behaviour among young people.

Fields of expertise

  • Local security
  • Constitutional state
  • Prevention



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Annemarie van de Weert | Researcher | Access to Justice

Annemarie van de Weert

  • Researcher
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