Ria Goedhart

PhD candidate
Ria Goedhart has been working as a teacher at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht in the field of Education since 2005. From 2015 onwards, her focus has been on training and guiding teachers in education of newcomers. In her research she focuses on educational partnership in a multilingual context.

Ria is affiliated with the research group Multilingualism and Education and the research group Normative Professionalization. She does research on the responsive attitude of primary school teachers with regard to the home language and cultural backgrounds in their communication with parents.

Equal educational opportunities is an important motivation for Ria. This can be found in her book 'Samenleren op een superdiverse school', but also in her work as developer and teacher of the course ‘Begeleiden van nieuwkomers op school (Seminarium voor Orthopedagogiek)’, the program ‘Sociale Integratie’ for (young) adult newcomers and the minor ‘Nieuwkomersonderwijs’ for teacher education. When it comes to her work, Ria always searches for new knowledge and relevant practical experiences to support teachers in their classroom.

Fields of expertise

  • Educational Partnership
  • Responsive attitude
  • Multilingual context



Ria Goedhart

  • PhD candidate
  • Research groups: Multilingualism and Education, Normative Professionalisation