Wietske Blom-Ham

Wietske Blom-Ham, nurse scientist and emergency nurse, is a researcher in the lectorate of Proactive care for older people living at home since August 2020. Wietske obtained her doctorate in 2016 on “pressure ulcers in trauma patients from immobilizing materials”, in which she studied the extend and impact of pressure ulcers and pain from preventive spinal immobilization. 

Wietske has gained over 15 years of experience as an emergency nurse in a level 1 trauma center, where she completed several research projects within her PhD. In line with these studies, she currently works on her own research line aimed at the prevention of unintended side effects from emergency care in patients with complex multi-problems, such as mentally disordered patients or frail elderly. Wietske combines her work as researcher with her position of principal lecturer in Acute Care, in which she connects practice and research with education around Acute Care in nursing studies. 

When a patient is admitted to the emergency department because of severe injury, or an acute life threatening condition, this can have a tremendous impact on the patient, as well as their relatives. It is of utmost importance that these patients, and their relatives, receive high quality and tailored acute care. Wietske aspires to improve the quality and safety of nursing care for patients that need emergency care through research and education. 

Fields of Expertise

  • Acute Care
  • Emergency Care
  • Practice-based Research



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Wietske Blom-Ham

  • Researcher
  • Research group: Proactive care for older people living at home