Yael de Haan is Professor of Quality Journalism in Digital Transition. 

Yael Studies quality journalism in the context of the digital domain together with her research group. She is involved in projects that examine the digital transition that journalism is currently going through. Thereby three key processes in journalism are central: production, content and effect. Yael and her research group does research within two lines of inquiry: digital narrative formats and research in a digital context. These lines run parallel to essential aspects of journalism as a profession: the ethics of journalism and transparency in the digital media landscape.

Yael de Haan was awarded a doctorate in 2011 for her research into criticism of the media and journalistic transparency. She has published a number of articles on these subjects, as well as co-authoring various chapters in publications that contribute to the debate about media accountability – including in her capacity as member of the Dutch Press Council. She is currently leading a number of research projects and serves as a supervisor for several doctoral studies.

Fields of expertise

  • Ethics in journalism and transparency
  • Online journalistic narratives
  • ‘Journalistieke Research in een digitale context’ (‘Journalistic research in a digital context’)



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Yael de Haan | Professor | Quality Journalism in Digital Transition

Yael de Haan

  • Professor
  • Research group: Quality Journalism in Digital Transition