After your graduation

Completion of the programme is rewarded with the title Master of Science (MSc.). This degree offers you an exciting (international) career.

Two engineers inspecting the workspace

Career prospects for technical professionals

By completing the Master Next Level Engineering program, you have become a pro-active technical professional with the skills required to design and optimise engineering processes and products. We expect you to take on roles as a (technical) consultant or innovator in technical organisations.

The foundations that you will establish as a Systems Thinker and Data Scientist in the engineering domain will give you the capabilities to work at the forefront of new developments. Whether this is about applying AI in engineering, or contributing to system-wide societal change such as the energy transition.

You make connections and switch easily between different (technical) fields of expertise. You advise clients by using existing technical knowledge and apply it in uncertain and complex situations. As a technical consultant you could work on a project in the field of energy transition.

You work in a multidisciplinary team, developing and promoting the use of new technologies, for instance in health care. You function as a change agent by stimulating and motivating colleagues, and you can achieve results in uncertain and/or complex situations.

  • Technical consultancy companies
  • Technical health innovation organisations
  • Sustainable energy companies
  • Smart industry companies