Bridge builders and frontiersmen

In order to tackle complex social issues, cooperation between professionals at school, in the neighbourhood and around the family is a prerequisite. This requires innovation of the existing infrastructure in which professionals are trained. The link with research, specifically around the theme of 'boundary crossing', is essential here.


The goal of the project is to create and research this innovative training and professionalization infrastructure by shaping professional learning networks (PLNs) in Utrecht and Amersfoort.


Within a PLN, a learning and research environment is created in which training, professionalization, research and innovation are connected:
  • Students from the social pedagogical and educational domain work together on complex issues and demonstrate their learning outcomes
  • Trainers shape the (blended) learning environment within the PLN
  • Practical professionals work within the PLN to improve their own professional conduct
  • Researchers acquire knowledge with regard to boundary crossing and the substantive issues that are being worked on within the PLN.


01 September 2022 - 31 August 2025


The PLNs will be developed by conducting participatory action research. On the basis of concrete cases from the daily practice of professionals (in training) who participate in the PLN, the various steps of action research are followed in a short cycle.

"Building, separating and connecting bridges"


The project provides insight into how you can look at the training of professionals within the educational, pedagogical and social domain in a revolutionary way.

HU researchers involved in the research


Funding comes from the HU Profiling Resources (Expertise Area Learning Together).

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Anton Boonen | Researcher | Vocational Education

Anton Boonen

  • Researcher
  • Research group: Sustainable Communities

Collaboration with knowledge partners

We work together with, among others: Academie Tienexternal link, Stichting Meerkringexternal link (Primary Education Amersfoort), SKA childcareexternal link and CPEAexternal link (Catholic Primary Education Amersfoort).