Digital Transformation Skills Monitor

Continuous technological developments ensure that (future) work changes rapidly. This also changes the essential skills for professionals to be able to perform their work. Which skills are becoming increasingly important, how do you gain insight into these and how can you develop them? These questions are key to this project.


With the Digital Transformation Skills Monitor, we aim to provide professionals with insight into their essential digital transformation skills and suggest concrete training courses to further develop of these skills.


Results will be shown when ready.


01 October 2021 - 01 September 2023



  • Based on a systematic literature review, a framework of essential digital transformation skills has been developed.
  • This framework is operationalized in a self-assessment, as part of the Digital Transformation Skills monitor.
  • The self-assessment is piloted within various institutes in the HU among lecturers.
  • An online platform will be developed on which the self-assessment and appropriate professionalization offer will be made available, with specific attention to the user experience.


Relevance and impact of the project

As a result of continuous technological developments, it is important that professionals are prepared to work in a dynamic (digital) work environment and develop a mindset of continuous education in the field of digital transformations. The Digital Transformation Skills Monitor aims to contribute to this.

HU researchers involved in the research

  • Dirk Jan Plender
    • Researcher
    • Research groups: Organisations in Digital Transition
  • Machiel Bouwmans | Researcher | Research group Vocational Education
    Machiel Bouwmans
    • Researcher
    • Research groups: Organisations in Digital Transition
  • Machil Deinum
    • Researcher
    • Research groups: Organisations in Digital Transition
  • Xander Lub
    Xander Lub
    • Professor
    • Research groups: Organisations in Digital Transition

Collaboration with knowledge partners

Research group Human Experience & Media Design

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Dirk Jan Plender

  • Researcher
  • Research group: Organisations in Digital Transition