FRIEND Fall Prevention Implementation Study

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We will assess which strategies are successful for the implementation of effective fall prevention programs. This will be a joint effort with relevant stakeholders, such as community-dwelling older adults with high fall risk, physiotherapists, community nurses, physicians, pharmacists, social workers and policy makers.


In this research project we aim to identify successful strategies for the implementation of effective fall prevention programs in the community. There will be a special focus on strategies related to the needs of community-dwelling older adults with a high fall risk and on interprofessional collaboration.


The project will result in knowledge on effective implementation strategies for fall prevention programs and on which factors influence the implementation.


01 January 2020 - 31 December 2023


We will apply a mixed-methods approach, including qualitative and quantitative methods, to follow the implementation process of fall prevention programs in four different neighbourhoods in the Utrecht region. 

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Di-Janne Barten

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